Face-OP 2.0

Face-OP Software Program is an amusing tool to make distorted fun house creations from your pictures

Face-OP Software Program is an application designed for fun. With this program, the user is able to download any image, usually a picture of a face, and use the tools provided to distort it to comical effect.

The distortion can come in the form of stretching the image to varying degrees, enlarging only portion of the image or using a fish eye effect.

The quality of the image used will determine the resulting disfigurement. The higher the pixel concentration, the more refined the changes will be.

The included suite of tools also allows the radius and parameter of the photo to be altered. The Face-OP Software Program is compatible with many formats and platforms.

It is also is operational with all Windows versions from Windows 95 and newer. Once your creation is complete, you can either save the image or export to your web page or even print it off and pass it around.